[K12OSN] LTSP for video-streaming room?

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Thu Jun 9 21:49:13 UTC 2005

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> Does anyone
> know if the clients are capable of handling gigabit? 

I don't think gigabit would be needed at the thin client.  The server 
would need it for sure, but the clients would be fine on a switch with 
100mbit.  (I stream at home over 100mbit to my xbox media player, and 2 
other computers, even at the same time)

I would be concerned about audio sync.  Using esd, I have a terrible 
time with audio sync in mplayer (and mplayer plugin).  Do other programs 
handle the audio sync better, or is it an esd-over-the-network thing?

nasd might not have the same issue -- but I've never gotten that to 
work, so I don't really know much about it.


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