[K12OSN] Opteron Server Build < 2500.00

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Fri Jun 10 16:42:48 UTC 2005

Burke Almquist wrote:

Yeah, you definitely pay for that 1U design.

        I've also been doing some more shopping, and at Monarch
        (www.monarchcomputer.com) I speced out a "Deluxe Tower Server"
        with the
        same specs as a Penguin computing 1U server I was looking at (GB
        x2, 4GB
        RAM, Opteron 248x2, 120GB SATA HDD(/home is elsewhere)) for
        almost $1200 less than Penguin wanted...

Here's what we finally decided on:

The total less HDs = $2,363.43
The 3ware SATA controller is a little pricey but it is true hardware
raid and has good linux driver support.

We have a K12 server that has been running a 3ware ATA raid controller
for three years without a hitch so the sata ought to be even better. The
old ata controller has 4 40 GB drives in a raid 0 and has been
performing quite well serving 25 terminals and /home to the school via
NFS and samba.


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