[K12OSN] dvd ver

steve gilmore stegil at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 10 20:06:48 UTC 2005

I have to read the man pages to see how to make a torrent. As it is right 
now, it's a 2.56Gb iso.
I have a peculiar firewall that doesn't do ftp server very well, otherwise I 
would've hosted it.
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> I'm not sure there are enough of us wanting to pull down the ISO files at 
> the same time to see much benefit from a torrent.  Not that it's not a 
> cool idea, but I doubt we'd see much improvement in download time compared 
> to just pulling it via ftp from the regular mirrors.  OTOH, it doesn't 
> hurt to try and I'd love to be proven wrong. ;-)
> Petre
> Shawn Powers wrote:
>> steve gilmore wrote:
>>> If anyone is interested , I made a dvd ver of 4.2.1fc3. I can upload it 
>>> to an ftp site for everyones use if someone's interested to host it.
>> If you make a torrent out of it, I'll seed it...  Do we (the K12LTSP 
>> community) have an official bittorrent tracker?  If not, shouldn't we?
>> -Shawn
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