[K12OSN] Benchmarking k12ltsp

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Sat Jun 11 01:36:02 UTC 2005

The question of performance vs. price, scsi vs. sata, software raid vs.
hardware raid, 100 Mb vs. 1000 Mb to the switch comes up on this list
enough to bring me to the following. 

Would it be reasonable / useful to come up with some sort of k12ltsp
benchmark procedure?

I'm thinking of something where you boot up a given number of terminals,
log on then run a script that runs a given set of tasks.

For instance:

* Log on to 25 terminals.
* Run script that launches an OpenOffice presentation at 5 past the hour
on one terminal
* At 5.5 past the hour 10 terminals fire up FireFox simultaneously and
open a flash file
* At at 6 past the hour 9 terminals read write to a text file and 5
terminals open an image file with the gimp.

Not the best example but you get the idea.

If we had a standard procedure and files that we used it might make for
some interesting statistics.


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