[K12OSN] linux dns trouble in a windows network

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 10:56:51 UTC 2005

Wow, I feel bad asking for windows advice here, but I
think I'll get a more satisfactory answer from a linux

I'm working on putting some linux boxes (K12LTSP is
one of them) into an existing Windows network which I
don't have any control over.  The problem is that the
linux machines aren't able to do any dns lookups. 
/etc/resolv.conf shows the correct dns servers (the
dns servers are windows machines).  

Here's some sample output:
[root at rob etc]# nslookup hal9000
;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next

** server can't find hal9000: SERVFAIL

The other part of my problem, which may or may not be
related, is that the windows dns server seems to be
unaware of the names of my linux boxes.

I'm not sure if these problems are mis-configured
linux machines, or a mis-configured windows dns
server.  Any help would be appreciated.


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