[K12OSN] Web Based Email

Tom Ventresco aust_txv at access-k12.org
Mon Jun 13 12:40:01 UTC 2005

> Check out SquirrelMail at http://www.squirrelmail.org .  Not to be paranoid, but if 

I can give a "thumbs up" for SM.  I have been using it for about three
years.  It talks to an Alpha IMAP server at our DAsite.  Never had a
problem.  Our DA site is moving away from Mulberry and using SM.
My SM server is a RH 7.3 and XAMPP.

Server issues... 
-SM can be a bit slow with a user with a bunch of folders.
-Get a lot of RAM.  Check
- I use a php accelerator and 30 IMAP connections on a 1.8 P IV with a
GIG of RAM runs very well.  No complaints.  

qmail over sendmail ?  No idea.

POP3 ?  No idea.  We only use IMAP.  

I can also give some of the mods/plugins a "thumbs up."  We use webcalng
and our calendars show up in SM.  Nice touch.  The mail archiver is a
cool one.  Make your users back -up there own email :)

have fun,

Tom Ventresco

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