[K12OSN] Way OT: 2D animation programs from linux ( cartoon creation tools )

Tom Ventresco aust_txv at access-k12.org
Mon Jun 13 15:58:33 UTC 2005

First, have a safe and fun summer.

I am trying to give my art department something...either thins or thick
linux workstations for GIMP, Blender, and X  I am looking for some tools
for cartoon level animation.  Ktoon ?  Anyone ?

I know that may animation studios use linux as a replacement for IRIX !
That is so cool.  No they don't use Adobe Photoshop :) :)  Or MS windows
anything.  Pixar has their own tools group that writes custom tools.
Now that is a cool job.  I believe the movie "Spirit" is hand-draw but
the animation is CG.

Blender for 2d ? I have been pushing Blender due to render farming.
With the ramp map feature for materials I imagine you can get some anime
type effects. 

Any other districts using OpenSource in their art departments ?


Tom Ventresco

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