[K12OSN] rdesktop/rdp wont show at login

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Tue Jun 14 02:14:06 UTC 2005

Hi All,

    Anyone have a good recipe,,for getting a simple CTL-ALT-F4 to take you
to a windows server login,,,at the K12ltsp login?

    I have the following in my lts.conf:

    SCREEN_01   = startx
    SCREEN_02  = shell
    SCREEN_03  = telnet
    SCREEN_04  = rdesktop
       RDP_SERVER = ipaddress
       RDP_OPTIONS = -F -u <username> -d <domain>

    Ive read a while back were some keyboard mappings dont work right with

    All I get when I do CTL-ALT-F4 is a "login to enter" in the middle of
the monitor,
    When i press ENTER,nothing happens,or goes to a cursor in the upper left
of monitor. Rats!

    I have a couple shell scripts on the Linux desktop... to take users to a
particular server and this works fine,,( along with the Linux Terminal
Server GUI),,,but would like the "login RDP" to get working . May be a
simpler login ,,in some cases...

    We are using K12LTSP 4.2.0

    Any advice/criticism/laughs/ideas,,would be appreciated,,,


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