[K12OSN] terminal printers

Jim McQuillan jam at mcquil.com
Tue Jun 14 20:21:16 UTC 2005



You also need a module called 'printer'. It should have been loaded

What do you have for PRINTER_0_TYPE ?  For usb, it should be "U".  maybe
that's the problem.

Try setting that, and if it doesn't work, try:

   modprobe printer

Then, look in /dev/usb and see if you have any printer devices.

If you look at the rc.sysinit script, you'll see that 'printer' should
get loaded automatically.  That's why i'm thinking you didn't set 'U'
for the type.

Anyway, give that a shot, and report your success.


> >
> Jim,
>  uname -a shows kernel 2.4.26-ltsp-3, the usb-ohci, usbcore, usbmouse and
> usbkbd are loaded. the server is being kept uptodate by apt-get
> dist-upgrade.
> julius

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