[K12OSN] version 4.2.0 rc1

Eric Worthy@home eworthy at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 16 16:11:23 UTC 2005

Rob Owens wrote:

>... but I get a couple error messages on
>bootup (though they don't seem to hurt performance). 
>One of them is "syslogd could not write to remote
>handle on" (or something close to
The port was likely  This is the default port for 
remote logging by syslogd.   However it is not often included in the 
/etc/services list. of all distributions.  In fedora core 3 it is left out.

check that you have the line "syslogd     514/udp" in your /etc/services 
file.   If its not there, add it and this error message should go away.

If it is there, oops, I was wrong again.

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