[K12OSN] APT with fc3 or fc4?

Olle Niit olle at paalalinn.com
Sat Jun 18 22:35:32 UTC 2005

Synaptic wanted!

Problem is:
I don't know and ordinary user don't know what package does what.
With FC2 based K12LTSP synaptic works.
Synaptic is the only way to view a list of programs, installed or 
available to install, where I can get information, what this program 
does. I can easy determine, do I need them or not.

Yum is not a option there. It helps only when I know what I want.
Synaptic helps me when I want to browse uninstalled programs to find 
something useful for me.

But now FC3 and FC4.
Where get list file that points to correct addresses?
I am looking for it some time now - nothing.

Or can someone point me right direction to build my own apt repository 
for FC4?
Without synaptic we can't pull users from Windows boxes to Linux boxes.

Olle Niit

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