[K12OSN] optiplex gx280 problems

Lewis Holcroft lewis at pcc.com
Sun Jun 19 18:50:34 UTC 2005


Did you get an answer to your question? I ask as I am having some  
problems with gx280's. I can't even get them to boot. They fail at / 
proc. I am using k12ltsp41. What version are you using?



On May 13, 2005, at 7:48 PM, Peter Hartmann wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> I'm having some trouble configuring our Dell Optiplex gx280s as
> terminals.  I can't get the usb keyboards to work.   which sound and
> video modules should I use?  the i810s fail for both.
> for usb kebbords and mice I tried the following  but not luck :
>         MODULE_01       = usb-uhci
>      MODULE_02       = mousedev
>      MODULE_03       = usbmouse
>      MODULE_04          = usbkbd
>     MODULE_05       = keybdev
> ohci won't work at all.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
> Peter
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