[K12OSN] k12ltsp 4.1 and tg3 network cards

Lewis Holcroft lewis at pcc.com
Sun Jun 19 19:56:36 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I love old hardware. Mainly because it all works with LTSP.

To that end I have new hardware and it does not work.

I have several Dell Optiplex GX280 hosts that will not boot. They  
hang shortly after /proc in the boot process. The Older Dell Optiplex  
machine do boot, but they have Intel bases network cards.

Can anyone tell me if network cards with the following ID's work with  

14e4:1677 (NetXtreme 1 Gig)

I'm using ltsp_i386-kernel-4.1-1.k12ltsp.0.4.1 I just ran yum update  
and there were no actions to take.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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