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Thomas E. Haynes haynest at mchsi.com
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I do something like this with Windows laptops on our network...

We have AD, and we map home directories that are served up by a linux box.
They log in, and it all just works, the drives map, and no one cares what
machine is serving up the directories. I import the students via webmin to
create the accounts with login disabled so they don't have shell access on
the linux machine. I set the skel directory up with 711 permissions to
prevent casual browsing by other users. EXCHANGEDOMAIN is the AD domain.

Note that I am not using a TS machine for any of this, but the AD
authentication for home directory access on another machine is all there.

Below is the important part of the smb.conf

	netbios name = STUDENT
	browseable = no
	server string = The Student Server
	password server = *
	local master = no
	os level = 33
	security = domain  

Regards...   Tom

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> Want to know if this is possible.  Our students all have AD 
> accounts.  Can Linux TS be setup to use their Windows AD 
> account to allow them to login....and can we point to their 
> home directory on a new SAN that we at setting up.
> thanks
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