[K12OSN] Re: test childsplay packages (FIXED)

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Tue Jun 21 05:49:27 UTC 2005

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Eric Harrison wrote:

> The current package does not include a menu entry. You have to
> fire up a terminal and type "childsplay" to get it to run. I'll
> fix that shortly.

I fixed this bug and another slightly more annoying one.

"yum install childsplay" should now install a nicely working

If you installed the first "less than perfect" package, you should 
run the following commands to make sure it is removed. One is
for FC3/EL4 the other is for FC4, it is safe to run both commands
if you are not sure which version you have installed.

 	rpm -e --noscripts childsplay-
 	rpm -e --noscripts childsplay-


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