[K12OSN] Re: VNC reflector SUCCESS!! with 4.2.1EL

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 05:27:30 UTC 2005

Forget all the stuff I wrote in my previous post. There is an easier solution.
You don't need the tightvnc viewer. The real vnc viewer that ships
with Fedora/Centos works. Simply invoke the viewer with the -Shared
switch.  And force hextile encoding for good measure.

vncviewer -Shared -PreferedEncoding hextile `hostname`:99

Check the syntax. Just view the man page for vncviewer.

You can also edit the current TeacherTool python script with this mod
and it should work fine. It's just one line. That line also has the
-passwd path as well.

Robert Arkiletian
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