[K12OSN] usb HP printer guru's?

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Fri Jun 24 14:55:32 UTC 2005

Barry R Cisna said:
>     Ive naturally got the thin client already added to the dhcp.conf file
> with the correct MAC address,and am goign to try and get this printer to
> work,,on the client tommorow.

Yep, that's the first step.  Make sure to give it a static IP address. 
Then, in the lts.conf file, you set up an entry like the example in there
shows for USB printers.  Finally, when the thin client is booted, run
something like redhat-config-printer to install the printer.  I don't
remember what the connection type is called in redhat-config-printer, but
the thin client sets up a port 9100 server (on the IP you assigned the
thin client in dhcp) in which to talk to the printer.  It's usually called
"HP Jetdirect" or "Direct to Socket" or some such thing.  Anyway, once
that's setup, you select the printer driver for the printer, and voila --
you should have a working printer.

(NOTE: You have to restart the thin client after making the changes in
dhcp and lts.conf)

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