[K12OSN] RE: usb HP local printer

brcisna at frontiernet.net brcisna at frontiernet.net
Fri Jun 24 17:29:35 UTC 2005


Thanks for the heads up,

I was trying to add the printer as a "locally connected" printer,,,

As soon as I went with the "QUE TYPE" HP NetworkDirect--added it to the
IP address of the client--,that is what i was missing. In short order i
was spitting out a good test page! All is well for this teacher now!

Thanks for the comeback,,,


Hello List,,

Wondering if anyone could give me an URL to look at to setup a local usb
HP printer on thin client?

I posted this earlier, and am having no joy getting this one to work:(.
Here is my lts.conf file for the thin client:

        MODULE_01       = usb-ohci
        MODULE_02       = printer
        PRINTER_0_DEVICE= /dev/usb/lp0
        PRINTER_0_TYPE  = S

>> I have changed the PRINTER_0_TYPE = from "S" to "U" to "P" & rebooted
thin client each time, as well as restarting CUPS in the service manager
each time.
I've also commented out the "usb-ohci" as it does not seem to make any
diff at boot time,, looking at the bootup screen.

is there anyway to troubleshoot this?
I m sure there is some command i should be able to do on the client to
see if it actually seeing the printer being attached.
When the client boots I do see printer entry ,,such as " printer.c at
usblp0   etc", so the printer is being recognized to this particular
client, or so it seems.
        I m guessing i should be able to do a modprobe or something
along these
lines to see if the printer is actually attached but I dont know what it
        This is a HP photosmart 7760. I have tried the actual driver for
well as generic CUPS driver.
We are using v 4.2.1 K12LTSP.


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