[K12OSN] Filter-CensorNet

Mark Sarria mes4294 at lausd.k12.ca.us
Fri Jun 24 22:37:21 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I am testing out CensorNet. I am looking for a web filter that can be
managed by someone who does not know anything about Linux or web filtering.
I am well aware of SquidGuard and DG, I happen to use SquidGuard at my

I am looking into CensorNet. I have it installed in a sandbox network. SO
far I really like the web based GUI interface, and the fact that you can
assign different users login to administrate the server.

My network setup up looks something like this.

On the Private Part if have:


(I am testing this with-in my own network, which already has a router
running DHCP, but also have static addresses available)

DNS -Gateway
DNS- 192.215.x.x
Gateway -

The problem is on the client side, I am not connecting to the Internet, I am
getting a DHCP address from the CensorNet server, but that's all.

Also, I will be using LDAP, I see that this can import the user list from a
active directory server, will it do the same for an LDAP server?



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