[K12OSN] Re: How to make a Mac default to network boot

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Mon Jun 27 13:07:02 UTC 2005

That worked.  I spent the weekend changing the default device back and forth.  Thanks.

Jimmy Schwankl wrote:
> Petre wrote:
>> Since I have to return this Mac at the end of the summer :-( what  is 
>> the Open Firmware command to set it back to booting from its  local 
>> hard drive?  Also, trying Frank's idea, setting the net boot  in OS X, 
>> sounds interesting, but won't that take longer to boot,  since the 
>> system has to load at least a portion of OS X to figure  out it should 
>> load a different OS from the netowrk?
> Petre,
> No, setting the boot pref from within OS X is the same as setting it  
> from within OS 9.  It sets the OpenFirmware (read BIOS) default boot  
> device. I thought maybe you were trying to do this diskless, in which  
> case you'd have to go with the open firmware option.
> To set it back to local booting, it depends on what OS is on the HD.   
> If OS 9, you could zap the PRAM by powering on and holding down the  
> Command + Option+P+R and let chime a few times. That should let it  
> startup from the HD.  Once you're in OS 9 you can set the default  boot 
> device from within the Startup Disk Control Panel.
> If you have OS X installed, you can just hold down the Option key  after 
> powering on and you should be presented with a list of possible  startup 
> devices to choose from.Once you're in OS X you can set the  default boot 
> device from within System Prefs.
> Peace,
> Jimmy
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