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Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 17:30:25 UTC 2005


While reading the archives, I came across this post
from you (see below).  I'm not sure if you still need
info on this or not, but I recently tested out
CensorNet and it does a lot of what you are asking
for.  You might want to check it out.


I've used IP Cop in the past with Dansguardian which
worked fine.  But
now I may be posed with a scenario that calls on a new

Next year I'll have a K12LTSP box with SAMBA/LDAP
setup to run
authentication for Linux Terminals, OSX, and Windows
Everything will require logins based on users from the
Now as far as content filtering goes we are looking
towards a system
that will require users to login before accessing the
internet at all
(or at least pull the current user from the machine). 
Then I need it to
hand out custom filtering based off the user group
they are assinged to
in the SAMBA/LDAP.  So if student1 logs into any
machine on campus
before they can browse any page on the internet they
either login as
student1 or the content filter pulls the information
from the machine
and automatically knows student1 is logged in.  Then I
need it to look
at student1 and see they are in the Students group and
hand out the
filtering rules that apply to the Students group.  Or
if teacher1 logs
in hand out rules for the Teacher group, etc.  

Then if at all possible I want the ability to break
down logs by user
and find out each specific users activity.  I may need
to know only
attempts to access offending sites, but I may need to
be able to find
out every site student1 accessed on a given day.  

If anyone has a solution that provides this please let
me know.  I don't
really care what distribution it is based off of or
what hardware
requirements are.  I just want a Open Source solution
that works.


<end quote>

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