[K12OSN] Mediacard reading capabilty?

Gustav J Kramer gj.kramer at planet.nl
Mon Jun 27 18:32:03 UTC 2005


If the printer is on a server, have you tried using the hplip driver
from HP?  The device manager that is part of that package has a button
for "Access Photo Cards".  It is grayed out on mine because my officejet
doesn't have a card reader but the device matrix for hplip indicates
that it works on the 7760.  Take a look at:


OTOH if the printer is on a client, unless you run CUPS et al as a local
app I don't thing the above approach will help you.


- gjk

On Mon, 2005-27-06 at 13:56 +0000, brcisna at frontiernet.net wrote:
> Hello List,
> Wondering if anyone has ever attempted to get a mediacard reader, on an
> HP Photosmart printer(# 7760) to read as an Xsane device?
> I have the printer working/printing fine, but of course Linux does not
> see the card reader portion of the printer.
> IE: tryed getting gimp to do an sane/import but nothing ,doing.
> Using version 4.2.1 K12LTSP.
> Thanks,
> Barry
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