[K12OSN] Re: 4.2.1 fresh install, trying to move old /home to it

Scott D. Sanders ssanders at coin.org
Mon Jun 27 19:35:54 UTC 2005

yes, LVM was my problem, i'm still not sure of the best way to proceed. 
newer Knoppices booting to 2.6 kernel apparently have a LVM management
tool on them, but not being familiar with that, i am reluctant to learn on
a moderately important server. 

i did a test/fresh install on a dummy box, and it appears if i choose Disk
Druid, I can delete the LVM stuff, and manually partition. Knoppix can now
read the disk. i understand that LVM looks like a better/newer way to do
things. however, i can manually partition the drives effectively, and
contemplating a new install like that. 

is there any potentially Really Bad reasons why i should not do this?

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