[K12OSN] apt/yum updates for 4.4.0

Olle Niit olle at paalalinn.com
Tue Jun 28 07:46:51 UTC 2005

Problem with 4.4.0 beta3

yum update

Error: Missing Dependency: perl-perl-ldap is needed by package k12ltsp-utils

And I'm too stupid to find right version for it from internet...

Eric Harrison wrote:

> A patched version of apt was released last night. It should work once
> again after you have applied the updates. Since you can't use apt to fix
> a broken apt, run yum to grab the packages:
>     yum update
> After that, apt should work.
> In this update is yumex, the "Yum Extender". This is the yum equivalent
> of synaptic. After updating, go to Applications->System Tools->Yum
> Extender and give it a spin.
> -Eric
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