[K12OSN] Citrix

Quentin Hartman qhartman at lane.k12.or.us
Wed Jun 29 23:07:40 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 17:11 -0400, Jack Palmadesso wrote:
> Anybody know if it is possible to use Citrix applications from an LTSP
> client?  

Some work, some don't. It seems that it really depends on how the Citrix
server is setup. I spent quite some time trying to get Pentamation (a
common student management system in Oregon, which is ASP hosted via
Citrix) to work in Linux but had no success. When I talked to a local
Citrix nerd he said that the way they setup the backend basically made
it so that the odds of it working were slim to none. SorryI can't offer
any more detail, "It can work sometimes" isn't terribly helpful I know.

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-Quentin Hartman-
Technology Coordinator
South Lane School District 45j3
Cottage Grove, Oregon

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