[K12OSN] I need to make a choice

Bill Bardon bill at computassist.com
Wed May 4 04:34:26 UTC 2005

On Tuesday, May 03 Liam Marshall wrote:
> It seems to me that other distros of Linux seem to handle sound better
> than Fedora.  I plan to try putting a harddrive into one of the
> workstations and then load a regular distro of say Mandrake or Suse to
> see if they can detect and use the sound card.  If it can I would
> Advice.  Opinions.  Ideas.  Welcome and thank you

Just one suggestion - don't bother with a hard drive swap.  So many of
the mainline distros now come in a Live CD version, if one of your
workstations has a CD-ROM drive, you can try out quite a few by simply
booting from a CD.  Knoppix, MEPIS, Ubuntu, Mandriva and others all have
bootable versions.  Those four are known for their usually excellent
hardware detection.  If one works especially well on your workstation,
do a little digging while it's booted up and see which modules are being
used, what parameters they were loaded with, etc.  It may help
understand your hardware a little better.

Bill Bardon
Omaha, Nebraska

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