[K12OSN] Suggestions for a LTSP Demo

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Tue May 24 16:57:36 UTC 2005

The issue is not whether they have money or not, it is how the money is 
spent.  Emphasize that every dollar spent buying a client license or an 
office license is a dollar - what is the name of Singapore's currency? 
-  that cannot be spent on textbooks, paper, teacher salaries, etc. 

What applications does the school use now?  Show open source, Linux 
applications that are comparable.  Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, 
GIMP.  Consider a network with 100 clients.  Show the cost of 100 client 
licenses for MS Server, MS Office, and Adobe Photoshop.  Then show the 
cost of 100 client licenses for  K12LTSP, Firefox, Thuderbird, Open 
Office, and GIMP.  Don't discount the cost factor.  Even if the schools 
are wealthy, they can spend their money on other thinks.  Computers 
aren't everything - even though they are pretty close for many of us on 
this list:)

Harish Pillay wrote:

>Hi.  I have an opportunity to help educate a bunch of school
>teachers about Linux, Open Source and copyright/licensing
>issues. These teachers are the ones looking after IT related
>stuff in Singapore schools.  The event is to be held on June
>Instead of those topics (or perhaps in addition to), I am thinking
>of showcasing LTSP.  I have their time from 9am till noon and
>they will be in a lab with machines and I am thinking of 
>preparing a server (could be my laptop - a Dell D600) to be
>the server.  I reckon about 20 teachers will be attending.
>I would like to hear from list members on best practises for
>I have invited LUGS (www.lugs.org.sg) for volunteers and they
>are fothcoming offering hardware and time.
>In order to make a good and positive impression with these
>teachers (who probably have never seen a Linux desktop and
>probably do not even know of Linux), what are the top 5 things
>that we must show in the LTSP demo?  Do remember that
>these schools are not short of funds and the Singapore Ministry
>of Education (www.moe.gov.sg) has the tax dollars to pay the
>Micro$oft tax - but I want to curtail/reduce that.
>I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
>Harish Pillay
>ps:  I helped establish LUGS back in 1993 and am currently
>employed by Red Hat in Singapore, but this is an effort
>independent of Red Hat per se.
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