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[K12OSN] KDE task switcher botched

I'm running k12ltsp-release-4.0.1-1.  I vaguely remember a KDE upgrade
scrolling by at some point in the past, but only recently restarted X.
 Now alt-tab cycles through the windows rather than giving me the
task-switcher that lists all of the tasks.  Worse, it cycles through
rather than letting me switch between the two most recently used
windows.   I remember having a problem with this witn 4.2 for a while,
but I changed something & it started working.

Oh, and alt-backspace isn't working either.  Apparently my keyboard
mapping got hosed too.   Sigh.

I'm not entirely wedded to KDE, but GNOME's xinerama support annoys
me.  I want new windows to open on the display where the mouse is & it
doesn't do that.

If someone has a clue how I can get that window list when I alt-tab
and let me have focus-follows-mouse I'd be very grateful.

If anyone's near Knoxville Tennessee and is interested in working with
me to do some kind of study about K12LTSP, please contact me.  I've
got some money.

Jay Pfaffman                           <pfaffman utk edu>
Asst Professor of Instructional Technology, U. TN, Knoxville
Experimenting with gmail, please honor the Reply-To

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