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[K12OSN] A little evangelism

Just a note about a bit of LTSP evangelism...

The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA) 32nd Annual Conference was held last week, and for the first time in the history of the conference, participants had the opportunity to access their work email at an "Internet Cafe". Thanks to Jesse McDonnell (a PSLA board member and member of this list) for coming up with the idea for the Internet Cafe and for arranging all of the logistics.

We offered the 600+ participants 10 original Apple iBooks booting from a PIII-933 running LTSP 4.2.1. Most participants had no idea they were using Linux (unless they looked at the fliers scattered on the tables and the CD's containing open source applications!), and they were grateful for this service to be available. Of course, we took every opportunity to explain that they were using 5 year-old laptops connected to a 3 year-old server running free software to achieve great performance!

Thanks to everyone on this list for all you do!

Mike Lichtenwalner
Technology Specialist
Manheim Township School District
Lancaster, PA

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