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Re: [K12OSN] Good AMD 64 bit system recomendations?

It's not AMD, but my dell rep gives me good deals on power edge 800 servers. The one I did last week I put centos 4 x86_64 on and it runs great. The bios raid is intel so the raid is incompatible. But the new ones are software anyways, so linux could raid it for you. I ordered mine with 2 250gb sata drives and disconnected one to use as a spare incase of failure. Centos 4 runs with no problems. I installed BackupPC onto it and it has been doing fine. Next week I'm going to look into boxbackup that someone on this list suggested for secure, over the internet, backup of my backupPC's.

Henry Burroughs wrote:

I'm thinking about making my file backup server 64 bit. Any recommendations on processor models and motherboards? I will probably run Centos or RHEL 4.0.



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