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Re: [K12OSN] IceWM, Gnome & Nautilus FRUSTRATIONS

OK, well there's a new one: gshadow.  Before (when it
was RH8, I didn't copy that file over to the other
servers)...  BUT, now I'm trying to mount /home using
webmin and I get this error message:

Failed to retrieve NFS exports from :

rpc mount export: RPC: Unable to receive; errno =
Connection refused

Maybe there is no NFS server running

What is going on?  All of this just used to work
before, no problems.  Now it is the computer network
from Hell!  Microsoft is starting to look much more
friendly all of a sudden.

--- Les Mikesell <les futuresource com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-05-02 at 08:21, richard ingalls wrote:
> > One machine: "wLAB" serves as a classroom server
> > it exports /home out to the other classroom
> servers
> > (because it has a SCSI drive).  The other
> classroom
> > servers "rLAB" and "mLAB" used to work just fine
> > mounting /home from "wLAB" when it was a Red Hat 8
> > box.  BUT after the fresh install of FC3, users
> can
> > log in, but they get NOTHING... only a blank
> desktop. 
> > None of the apps work ... nothing.
> > 
> > No LDAP. Just exporting /home and mounting via
> NFS. 
> > This used to work!  What happened with FC3?
> What happened to your users?  The uid numbers must
> match
> between the server exporting /home and the one(s)
> mounting
> it.  You can make that happen by copying
> /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow,
> /etc/group, and /etc/gshadow from the server with
> their homes
> to the others, or by setting up NIS or LDAP network
> authentication.
> If you are using local password files on each box
> and they don't
> exactly match you'll get the symptoms you are
> seeing.
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>    les futuresource com
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