[K12OSN] How SHOULD I set up an ALL FC3 LTSP network?

richard ingalls aslansreturn at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 01:50:52 UTC 2005

This is my last attempt at making FC3 work in my
building before banning it completely and cursing the
day I switched from a nice, functional RH8 network. 
Oh how the skies seemed bluer and the grass greener
back in the day...

Can someone tell me how to do a "default" install with
FC3, using the following criteria?

Please, someone tell me how to set up my K12LTSP
network using only FC3 on the servers.  I have four
classrooms (currently, with 2 more planned) to install
into.  Each classroom will have it's own server.  One
classroom has a server with SCSI drive - I'd like it
to be the one that also serves /home out to the other
servers via NFS.  All the other classroom servers need
to mount /home from this box via NFS.

I'd *like* to be conservative with my bandwidth and
use IceWM (but I've never done without Nautilus
because of the desktop icons and file manager). 
Students like to change their desktops, but I probably
DON'T *need* to have desktop icons.  So, which
"session" should I allow?  Which window/desktop
manager should I use? OR, should I opt for ease &
simplicity and only allow GNOME?  Remember, this is
being served out to all the other classroom servers,

I'd like to have sound running on all the clients
(using Flash too, for starfall.com).  But, aside from
the return of Jesus, I'm not sure this will ever work!
 (Sorry for my skepticism, I know there are people
that say they've got sound working, but I live in
Missouri "Show Me!")  Of course, when Jesus returns we
won't use computers any more, so I won't care about
sound on my clients then.

One of the main reasons I wanted to use FC3 was the
numerous reports of sound working on the clients with
FC3.  But I'll gladly give up sound just to have a
functional LTSP network that mounts /home properly.

Can anyone help me do this from scratch?  I've
attempted for the last three weeks now to make it work
to no avail.  Let's pretend that I'll just do
completely fresh installs, no upgrades at all.  I'll
then add users via webmin.  Then copy over their
documents from my backup of /home.

This ought to work, right?  This sounds like it ought
to be simple, right?  Someone please hold my hand
through this and document what I must do to make this

Thanks for all your patience.  This is my last attempt
before doing an "fdisk /mbr" and going back to RH8. 
And starting the whole thing from scratch.

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