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Re: [K12OSN] SATA hot-swap hardware recommendations

Henry Burroughs wrote:
I'm looking to build a file backup server, and I want to use SATA and
have a hot swap drive internal drive enclosure.  Can anyone recommend
good hardware to do this with?  ie: a motherboard or controller and/or
enclosure that will work properly under Linux and allow me to remove a
drive live (the drive will be an off-site copy of the data).

One word, Henry: 3ware. Go to newegg.com and search for this product. They make exceptional hardware raid controllers with kernel support. Their drive enclosures are elegant, and you can of course remove a drive while the system is live. There is a web-based management tool that allows one to stop the drive. A script called from convenient desktop icons would be better, but ...

Henry Burroughs Technology Director Hilton Head Preparatory School www.hhprep.org


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