[ok-mail] [K12OSN] TeacherTool question

John Hansknecht jhansknecht at hanstech.com
Wed May 4 18:19:10 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

Second attempt for a little help, does anyone know how to set up permissions 
so that teachers without Root privileges can run TeacherTools? I can run it 
as root, and have tried setting it UID for Root while the Teachers have group 
rights but still TeacherTools works for the root users but not for the 

Thank you very much for any help anyone can offer!


On Tuesday 26 April 2005 12:40, John Hansknecht wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I just copied the teacher tool script to my ltsp server. It works great for
> the root user but the teachers I give access do can't kill processes or
> logout users because they don't have the right permissions. What is the
> correct way to get the permissions set so that:
> 1) Only the teachers can run the script (I am doing this with a group)
> 2) So that it runs with the correct permissions (root?) so that it has the
> authority to kill user processes or logoff users?

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