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RE: [K12OSN] Simple Setup

> The SME server has nearly identical (but outdated) programs 
> providing services.  You can do all the same and more with 
> Fedora but you have to work with each program's configuration 
> separately instead of using the web administration interface 
> that is included with the SME server (and which makes it hard 
> to update the system...).  You might like to use webmin for 
> most of the setup.  If you started with a k12ltsp 
> installation, you should have an 'install additional 
> software' folder on the desktop and one of the choices should 
> be 'Get webmin'. Do that, then https://your_server:10000.

I'll add to Les' recommendation.

Here is my recommendation for the software to use for your listed
Web - Apache
E-Mail - Postfix
Windows Domain Controller - SAMBA/LDAP Script

Now I doubt you'll find an easy tutorial for setting this up since you
are covering such a broad range of possibilities and options.  It mostly
will depend on how you want to use each service.  As an example serving
web pages with dynamic content will add to your Apache setup by possibly
needing MySQL and PHP.  With email and postfix you may want to do spam
filtering or have webmail access, now you might have to install Razor
and SpamAssassin and SquirrelMail.  

So start by installing the basic above (yum install apache postfix
vsftpd) and download and run the SAMBA/LDAP script from
http://web.vcs.u52.k12.me.us/linux/smbldap/ and go from there.

I am sure any questions you have after installing the basics will be
able to be answered here.  Or if you have more specific uses for each
service maybe we could point you to the appropriate tutorial for that

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