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[K12OSN] How to Promote Linux Training to a Library?

Hi all,

I've recently approached my local Library (which currently runs
"Taster" sessions on the Internet, Word, Excel and so forth to the
general public one night a month) about the possibility of running a
"Free and Open Source Software" taster session...

Now, I've been given the name of someone in the Local Council who can
give the go ahead on running these taster sessions, but I was
wondering whether anyone else here has done anything like this (I
don't work for the council, nor the library, I just wanted to help)
and whether anyone has any suggestions on topics one can cover on
something like this.

I'm thinking OpenOffice.Org and Firefox, then Linux.

As always, the Library will be thinking about what I'm trying to
achieve by this, but how do I persuade them that all I'm after is
giving the library users a chance to avoid getting locked into a
Proprietary world...?

Any suggestions?

Jon "Four Star Gun" Spriggs AKA
Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

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