[K12OSN] Gcj vs javac

Eric Brown ericbrown at mi-spot.com
Thu May 5 01:08:32 UTC 2005

Hello All,

I'm preparing for an eventual programming class in Java.  I had a few
semesters of Java in college.  I tried the very simple  "Hello World" using
gcj, only to have it tell me it didn't know what main was ("undefined
reference to main").  I usually figure I made the mistake, so I googled
World, and copied and pasted someone else's code and still got the same

How different is gcj vs javac?  Will I mess up my terminal server setup if I
install Sun's SDK?

Any strong feelings or success stories about any IDE's?  I'd just stick with
gedit, but I'd like it to do a little more for me.


Viva la Open Source!

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