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Re: [K12OSN] Version Number

On Wed, 4 May 2005, Liam Marshall wrote:

It is nearing the end of the school year.  I started the year in my lab with 4.1.x and now have 4.2

Every summer I wipe the server and reload from scratch, usually because I have discovered major things I would like to change setup wise.  This year is no different.

What is the likelyhood of another new production revision coming out before June or early July.  I know there is a new version out now,(4.2.1) but will there be yet another by early summer?  If so, I will skip 4.2.1 and wait for it.

Please advice

P.S. I am not trying to rush anyone, just curious

If you have K12LTSP 4.2.0 installed, just run "yum update" (or "up2date -u"
or "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" if you prefer) and the latest-n-
greatest packages will be installed. Within a major version (3.1.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x), you don't need to use the ISOs to upgrade to the next
minor version (x).

After applying all of the updated packages, look at the k12ltsp-release
file to see that you have the newer version:

	cat /etc/k12ltsp-release

As for your question about the schedule for the next major version, I've been mulling that over for the last couple of days. I'll post my thoughts in the very near future.

In general, it is safe to say that there will be a new major
release by mid-summer. As you can see from the K12LTSP
release history, I have consistantly put out a new major release
approx. every six months. The last major release was December 2004:



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