[K12OSN] Gcj vs javac

Luis Montes luis.montes at cox.net
Thu May 5 15:21:58 UTC 2005

I'd recommend installing Sun's jdk. Works fine on k12ltsp.

I'd just pull down the jdk (not the jre, or the jdk+netbeans bundle)

Then make sure the bin directory is in your $PATH
also I'd set $JAVA_HOME to the directory the jdk was installed to. 
Probably /usr/local/java/j2sdkxxx or something like that if you used the RPM

As far as IDEs I'd go with eclipse

For teaching java to younger people, you may also want to look here:


Eric Brown wrote:

>Hello All,
>I'm preparing for an eventual programming class in Java.  I had a few
>semesters of Java in college.  I tried the very simple  "Hello World" using
>gcj, only to have it tell me it didn't know what main was ("undefined
>reference to main").  I usually figure I made the mistake, so I googled
>World, and copied and pasted someone else's code and still got the same
>How different is gcj vs javac?  Will I mess up my terminal server setup if I
>install Sun's SDK?
>Any strong feelings or success stories about any IDE's?  I'd just stick with
>gedit, but I'd like it to do a little more for me.
>Viva la Open Source!
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