[K12OSN] New FC3 server, how to export /home correctly?

richard ingalls aslansreturn at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 15:15:06 UTC 2005

David:  this is the error message I get... (this is a
brand new totally fresh install, no firewall, no
selinux). I have edited /etc/exports on the /home
server and I have edited /etc/fstab on the "other"

[root at sLAB ~]# mount -av
mount: LABEL=/boot already mounted on /boot
mount: none already mounted on /dev/pts
mount: none already mounted on /dev/shm
mount: none already mounted on /proc
mount: none already mounted on /sys
mount: Unable to connect to, errno
111 (Connection refused)
mount: RPC: Timed out

--- David Trask <dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us> wrote:

> The part about exporting and mounting is
> below...between the 
> ##############
> ##############'s
> "Support list for opensource software in schools."
> <k12osn at redhat.com> on
> Monday, May 2, 2005 at 9:50 PM +0000 wrote:
> >>This is my last attempt at making FC3 work in my
> >>building before banning it completely and cursing
> the
> >>day I switched from a nice, functional RH8
> network. 
> >>Oh how the skies seemed bluer and the grass
> greener
> >>back in the day...
> >>
> >>Can someone tell me how to do a "default" install
> with
> >>FC3, using the following criteria?
> >>
> >>Please, someone tell me how to set up my K12LTSP
> >>network using only FC3 on the servers.  I have
> four
> >>classrooms (currently, with 2 more planned) to
> install
> >>into.  Each classroom will have it's own server. 
> One
> >>classroom has a server with SCSI drive - I'd like
> it
> >>to be the one that also serves /home out to the
> other
> >>servers via NFS.  All the other classroom servers
> need
> >
> Question one.....do you have gigabit on these
> servers?
> >>
> >>
> >>I'd *like* to be conservative with my bandwidth
> and
> >>use IceWM (but I've never done without Nautilus
> >>because of the desktop icons and file manager). 
> >>Students like to change their desktops, but I
> probably
> >>DON'T *need* to have desktop icons.  So, which
> >>"session" should I allow?  Which window/desktop
> >>manager should I use? OR, should I opt for ease &
> >>simplicity and only allow GNOME?  Remember, this
> is
> >>being served out to all the other classroom
> servers,
> >>too.
> >
> Use IceWM....you won't lose Nautilus as IceWM uses
> Gnome for it's
> windows....in fact to change the background and so
> forth in IceWM....you
> simply right-click and use the same background mgr
> just like Gnome.  IceWM
> also keeps the Gnome desktop icons....the menu
> changes, but that's for the
> better because you can use something like icemc or
> my fave....icecc to
> have a GUI for editing the IceWM menus to show ONLY
> what you want the kids
> to see....no more of the "server stuff"...etc. like
> in the default Gnome
> menus.  Editing the menu is very simple and it's
> actually a text file so
> there's no XML and stuff to learn.
> >>
> >>
> >>I'd like to have sound running on all the clients
> >>(using Flash too, for starfall.com).  But, aside
> from
> >>the return of Jesus, I'm not sure this will ever
> work!
> >> (Sorry for my skepticism, I know there are people
> >>that say they've got sound working, but I live in
> >>Missouri "Show Me!")  Of course, when Jesus
> returns we
> >>won't use computers any more, so I won't care
> about
> >>sound on my clients then.
> >
> It works fine!  I use it....and I use Starfall.com
> everyday with my
> kindergarten kids.  (you are very pessimistic)  It
> either works out of the
> box or you may need to make a simple tweak to
> lts.conf and change 
> SOUND_DAEMON       = "nasd"
> You install Flash by clicking an icon in the
> "Install Additional Programs"
> on root's desktop
> >>
> >>
> >>One of the main reasons I wanted to use FC3 was
> the
> >>numerous reports of sound working on the clients
> with
> >>FC3.  But I'll gladly give up sound just to have a
> >>functional LTSP network that mounts /home
> properly.
> >
> When setting up FC3....don't enable any
> firewalls....AT ALL.  Disable
> them...they are enabled by default.
> >>
> >>
> >>Can anyone help me do this from scratch?  I've
> >>attempted for the last three weeks now to make it
> work
> >>to no avail.  Let's pretend that I'll just do
> >>completely fresh installs, no upgrades at all. 
> I'll
> >>then add users via webmin.  Then copy over their
> >>documents from my backup of /home.
> >
> Are all the machines on the same subnet or are they
> on different isolated
> networks with each machine (server) serving it's own
> little LAN.  If so
> I'm assuming all the machines have two NIC's...one
> internal and one
> external.  Set up K12LTSP 4.2 on each machine.  Make
> sure that each
> machine is configured so that dhcp is working on the
> corrent interface to
> serve the clients.  Now...on the master
> server....create the users (on all
> servers).  If Webmin allows you to specify the
> UID....it would be a good
> idea to do so...that way you can guarantee they are
> the same on all
> servers.  Delete /home on the other two servers.  
> #########################
> Now....create and entry
> on each of the two servers in fstab similar to this:
>        /home                   nfs 
> defaults,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 0 0
> Use your own IP address.  On the master server you
> need to export /home to
> the other two....make an entry in /etc/exports
> similar to this:
> /home                   
> ###############################
> Use the IP addresses of the other two
> servers....you'll need an entry for
> each different server.  To manually export at this
> point use   exportfs -av
> Now....the only caveat I can think of is whether or
> not the system will
> allow you to connect from the external
> interface....LTSP makes entries in
> the hosts.allow file...if you are unable to mount
> /home with the next
> command (ie: if you get the error you got last time)
> you may want to go
> into /etc/hosts.allow and comment out the active
> lines to allow all
> connections and see if that works.  I have a
> Samba/LDAP server doing
> essentially what you're doing...and my hosts.allow
> and hosts.deny are both
> empty.  Also double-check hosts.deny and make sure
> everything is OK in
> there....mine is empty thus allowing all.
> The command to mount is:   (on the other 2 servers) 
>    mount -av
> If you can now see home directories on the classroom
> servers....then it
> works.  Remember you deleted the other /home dirs so
> they weren't there.
> Now....if all that is working (and don't give
> up....the problems you
> described earlier were simple to fix, but you gave
> up....you missed
> something...something small that you probably did in
> RH8, but forgot you
> had done.  We can help....just make sure to tell us
> exactly what you see
> for errors.
> Assuming it works....now let's go to sound.  There
> are a bunch of
=== message truncated ===

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