[K12OSN] tentative roadmap, request for input

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Thu May 5 22:35:36 UTC 2005

First and foremost, I really enjoyed the Ubuntu Down Under conference.
It is clear that the developers are working hard on making Ubuntu the
ideal base for projects such as K12LTSP. All of the bits and pieces of
K12LTSP are expected to be included in the next release of Ubuntu (due
in October).

If everything pans out as I expect, Ubuntu version 5.10 will make the
current version of K12LTSP largely irrelevant. If this wish comes true,
we can devote more resources to the next stage of world domination ;-)

But October is a long ways away.

Here is my tentative plan-of-attack for the next two months:

1) Build the current K12LTSP packages for RHEL 4. I'll also make
available ISOs of the same packages built into Centos 4, since we can
re-distribute that.

2) FC4 is due the first week of June. I'll incorporate the current
K12LTSP packages.

3) Development of the next generation of LTSP will continue with Ubuntu
as the base.

I'm pretty happy with the current K12LTSP release. Porting it to
RHEL4/Centos4 will be a good base for those who want to maintain the
status-quo for the coming year (or years ;-)

A new release built on FC4 will be for those who want to continue
charging forward with the bleeding-edge.

Doing R&D work on an Ubuntu base will help me get my feet wet in the
Debian-based world and start figuring out how we can deal with
supporting significantly different base systems.

What do you all think of this plan? I'm not too worried about spreading
myself too thin, but I do worry about creating excessive confusion.
Offering two versions at the same time while spending much time
discussing a third version may be a bit much for most people ;-)

Are their any other ideas, concerns, partnerships, or alternate
strategies that we should address before mid-summer?

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