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Re: [K12OSN] tentative roadmap, request for input

--- Eric Harrison <eharrison mail mesd k12 or us>
> You can already run LTSP on SUSE, you just have to
> manually install it.
> You can think of K12LTSP just as LTSP pre-installed
> into Fedora.
> Having LTSP work "out-of-the-box" is a very nice
> feature of K12LTSP, but
> LTSP itself is really not all that hard to install
> these days...
> -Eric

I understand that.  I am just hopefull that someday we
will have the out-of-the-box performance of the
current K12LTSP distibution (and including the
educational bits) available for any distro.  I didn't
mind installing ltsp on top of Mandrake, but it did
require some knowledge of linux, whereas the K12LTSP
distro requires almost none (as shown in the recent
"too cool" post).  


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