[K12OSN] mime type/helper apps?

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Fri May 6 19:40:31 UTC 2005

I did some updates, including a Moz update, using synaptic (Never used 
it before)
Now, for some reason, I can't listen to internet radio stations, as I 
could only yesterday.
When I attempt to access streaming audio, there are various reactions.
When I try to listen to a live365 station (play.pls), nothing happens, 
where, previously, Moz would ask me what to do with the incoming 
and I would tell it to open with xmms.
When I try to stream a Dead show from the ARchive, moz attempts to open 
the .m3u file in the browser window, as though it were a page, without
the assistance of a helper app.
I'm not sure if these are related issues or not, but neither is working 
now, while previously they did.
Also, when I try to use radio from Real.com, I am told that my player 
can't play it, although I have the newest Helix player and Real player 
for Linux.
I'm very sad about not having the music.
Moz isn't asking me to pick up another plugin or asking me what to do 
with incoming data.  I get no error messages at all (accept when trying 
to open Real data), so I'm unable to determine where the problem may be.
It appears as though I have all the necessary plugins in place, both at 
/usr/local/mozilla/plugins and at /home/me/.mozilla/plugins
I'm kind of lost here.
It does appear to me as though the list of Mime types and Helper apps is 
shorter than it used to be, but I can't find the pertinent information 
to amend that.
I figure if I remove Mime type/helper app info, it should as me, again, 
what app to use for specific mime types, so I could reset it's 
preferences in that arena, but I'm afraid that didn't work, either.


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