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Re: [K12OSN] tentative roadmap, request for input

On 5/9/05, R. Scott Belford <scott hosef org> wrote:
> 2. This is perhaps more a task for the Ubuntu team, but, I need some
> help updating servers that do not have Internet connections.  We are
> increasingly serving schools in Samoa and individuals in Hawaii that
> have no broadband.  Apt-getting the latest updates or some cool package
> is all but impossible.
> It would be great if there were an offline mode to synaptic.  Packages
> could be selected and dependencies resolved in the same yummy manner.
> However, instead of downloading, a package list is created that can be
> sent by email (if possible) or snail mail to snail.ubuntu.com.  A CD is
> created and shipped to the appropriate school.
> This would be nice.
> > -Eric
> --scott
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Scott, why not create a local APT mirror on your machine, and then use
something like diff to compare an older tree (I'm stretching my
knowledge a little here) with the newly obtained files. Any changes
get committed to a disk and that can then be sent on? If it's done on
a weekly or even monthly basis, there can't be *THAT* much which
changes. You could create an apt mirror on the machines before
shipping them out, and then leave it to the local admins to update the
machines from the disks you provide...

Failing that, you could make the same suggestion to the Ubantu team?

Jon "Four Star Gun" Spriggs AKA
Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

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