[K12OSN] legousbtower driver

Gary Frederick gary.frederick at jsoft.com
Mon May 9 19:58:58 UTC 2005


I'm continuing to set up the lab for the workshop for kids and now I
need to get the leJos robotics software working. I have had leJos
working on Linux in the past but am having problems (sigh)

> If you are using an usb tower, you are encouraged to use at least
> kernel version 2.6.7 or later - it contains the legousbtower driver
> already.
>    1. If the tower is plugged in yet, plug it out
>    2. Log in as root
>    3. call rm -f /dev/usb/legousbtower0
>    4. call mknod --mode=a=rw /dev/usb/legousbtower0 c 180 160

and I get...

[root at server ggf]# mknod --mode=a=rw /dev/usb/legousbtower0 c 180 160
mknod: `/dev/usb/legousbtower0': No such file or directory

I think k12ltsp knows the tower is there when I plug it in. The IR
light comes on for a bit so something is happening...

What do I need to do to get /dev/usb/legousbtower0?



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