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Re: [K12OSN] Monitor Problem

I had a similar problem with some new-but-crappy monitors that wouldn't display anything unless I added lines in lts.conf for X_HORZSYNC and X_VERTREFRESH, with the correct values.  (Lucky for me, I had the monitor's factory manual!)

Best regards,

Jeff Nelson

On 5/8/05, Genfil Villahermosa <genfil gmail com> wrote:
I have problem with the monitors here that run on thin client. Most of
the monitors I have here are old or recondition. Most of them can't
handle 1024x758, 75 hz. It black out when when x runs. When change the
default the resolution, it any applys the change when the user login
in. But the user can not login because the monitor goes blank.  Does
anyone know how to change the default resolution when Xlogin runs?
Thank you!
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