[K12OSN] Monitor Problem

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Mon May 9 22:17:11 UTC 2005

Try the suggested lines that are in the lts.conf file first before you 
go on a search.

Rob Owens wrote:

>You need to edit lts.conf with a line such as one of
>the following:
>X_MODE_0 =  800x600 35.25   800  824  872  944   600
>600  601  622
>X_MODE_0 = 1024x768 60.80  1024 1056 1128 1272   768
>768  770  796
>I'm pretty sure one of these worked for me when I was
>using an old, old monitor.
>Also, I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think you
>can put both lines in lts.conf, but call one
>"X_MODE_0" and the other "X_MODE_1".  Then you can
>ctrl-alt-"plus" and ctrl-alt-"minus" to switch between
>Good luck.
>--- Genfil Villahermosa <genfil at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I have problem with the monitors here that run on
>>thin client. Most of
>>the monitors I have here are old or recondition.
>>Most of them can't
>>handle 1024x758, 75 hz. It black out when when x
>>runs. When change the
>>default the resolution, it any applys the change
>>when the user login
>>in. But the user can not login because the monitor
>>goes blank.  Does
>>anyone know how to change the default resolution
>>when Xlogin runs?
>>Thank you!
>>please visit http://www.dekititirsiasiradas.org
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