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[K12OSN] Providing Services for Windows

Hi all:

Earlier this year a friend and I set up a k12ltsp network at a local private school. We have one parent, who also writes grants and has a consulting business, that wants us to move completely to Windows. This person is completely unreasonable and will not listen to any of our points as to why Linux is a superior solution.

That said, what I would like to know from you folks is what is the best way to provide services for the inevitable Windows programs that will have to be run. We have several teachers who have programs, mostly K-4, that are only Windows based. For example, Reading Counts, Math Counts, etc. The science teacher also has one or two programs she would like to continue using.

Do you know of substitues that are available for the reading and math programs?

How do you folks handle this situation at your schools? Does anyone run Win4Lin Terminal Services and is it any good?

Thanks for you thoughts. I am in no mood to throw out a year's worth of work and fervently believe that k12ltsp is far superior to anything else available for schools.


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