[K12OSN] Providing Services for Windows

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Tue May 10 03:50:12 UTC 2005

Ken Grant wrote:
> Hi all:
> Earlier this year a friend and I set up a k12ltsp network at a local
> private school.  We have one parent, who also writes grants and has a
> consulting business, that wants us to move completely to Windows.  This
> person is completely unreasonable and will not listen to any of our
> points as to why Linux is a superior solution.

You have a real chance for the proverbial win-win here.  Give up the
'Superior' argument and tow the 'equally effective and frees needed
resources' line.  This person can flex their fundraising muscles by
paying for more software, curricula, or infrastructure that can actually
add value to the education experience.

> That said, what I would like to know from you folks is what is the best
> way to provide services for the inevitable Windows programs that will
> have to be run.  We have several teachers who have programs, mostly K-4,
> that are only Windows based.  For example, Reading Counts, Math Counts,
> etc.  The science teacher also has one or two programs she would like to
> continue using.

As many will advise you, a windows server can be ubiquitously accessed
by a thin client to run those programs that cannot be replaced.

> Do you know of substitues that are available for the reading and math
> programs?

If the fundraising consultant really wants to make bank while helping
the schools, advise her/him that grant funds can be better spent paying
to develop the software substitutes you seek.  Box it and sell it for
those who couldn't care less about Free, and sell services and
customizations as implemented by the students and graduates of your

> How do you folks handle this situation at your schools?  Does anyone run
> Win4Lin Terminal Services and is it any good?

I think Steve Hargadon has made inroads with the Win4lin developers and
may even be testing this?  He could best advise.

> Thanks for you thoughts.  I am in no mood to throw out a year's worth of
> work and fervently believe that k12ltsp is far superior to anything else
> available for schools.

I love fervor.  I do.  But remember Zen, Ken.  When passion meets
passion, reason loses.

> Cheers,
> Ken


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