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[K12OSN] Apple Xserve as /home ?

I'm having significant problems with netatalk in my network -- I'm not sure if it's because I'm sharing /home directories that are mounted via nfs, or what -- but the .AppleDB folders get corrupt every time a user logs out. (Note, this problem was mentioned on this list before, and I haven't found a solution yet, even reinstalling on a second server... ugh.) Right now, I have a cron job that deletes the .AppleDB folder in everyone's home directory every 3 minutes. What a kludge -- AND it causes instability for users currently logged in (but not as much as I though it would...)

Anyway, if I buy an actual Apple server, can it export /home for my linux boxes? (And my Microsoft boxes?) I still need good support for OS9 clients, so I can't just use samba.

Anyone using an xserve as your /home directory server? Advice one way or another?

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